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Thanks! Five Reasons To Get A Rome City Pass. Just look for the white and yellow buses at 12 different locations! While some sightseeing passes include guided tours, this one does not. I was kind of leery that it was a scam though. Then, if you haven’t done so already, make your appointment to see the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum, and St. Peter’s Basilica. I much prefer the experience with the Vatican Card because A) I got to see far more of the museum than what the tours allow, and B) I was able to enjoy the museum at my own pace. Audio guides are a great way to add more depth to what you’re seeing. Can I Pay My Mortgage With a Credit Card? You can either pre-book your reservations in advance (recommended) or do it in person. I highly recommend you do so. Par contre, si vous ne comptez pas visiter la basilique Saint-Pierre, prenez plutôt le Roma Pass. Greg and his family travel the world for about 20 weeks each year, and he has visited over 40 countries - focusing mainly on the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. Je suis Thibaut, je vais à Rome plusieurs fois par an et je suis amoureux de cette ville ! PS : les visites des Musées du Vatican / de la Chapelle Sixtine ne sont pas comprises dans ce Pass ; vous en bénéficierez avec la Rome Tourist Card, ou en payant un supplément avec celui-ci. Explore variety of City Passes tours in Rome. In fact, I watched people do it which inspired me to take the photos! Free Audio Guide – Use your OMNIA Card to get a free audio guide at St. Peter’s Basilica. But, it’s not just about saving money. First, it saves money…but not a ton. If you’re like me, you’ll want to order your sightseeing passes before you leave. If you’re coming from the east, walk into the square and look at the building immediately located to your left. YOUR SIGHTSEEING PASS TO ROME & VATICAN CITY. Since the points are super flexible and very valuable, it’s a great first rewards card for anybody’s wallet. Rome, rich in archeological finds and excavations, seems to be one large open-air museum. The Rome City Pass is your admission ticket into the top attractions and museums in the Italian capital. Si vous utiliser l’avion pour vous rendre à Rome, vous atterrirez dans l’un des deux aéroports de la capitale : Fiumicino ou Campino. Offered by the city of Rome, it allows skip-the-line access and unlimited bus/metro/tram transportation in Rome, for a 2-day or 3-day period.. If you choose the 2-day pass, you get one site of your choice included, and then you'll get a 10-20% discount off all the other sites associated with the pass. Under the hot June sun, the wait times looked to be even longer. Schedule Your Vatican Visits – Unlike the attractions in Rome, entry to the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica is timed. Will the Roma Pass help you save money in Rome? The card does have an annual fee of $95, but the bonus points far more than cover it the first year. Les plus curieux d’entre vous seront certainement enchantés de visiter les nombreux musées de Rome ou de participer à des visites guidées ou des croisières qui permettent de découvrir la ville sous un angle nouveau. Home » Travel » Budget Travel » Sightseeing Passes » Roma Pass Review 2020: Is It a Good Deal for Saving Money in Rome? Learn more here.Â. Roma Pass 72 Hours, which is sponsored by Rome City Council and the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural Activities, in collaboration with ATAC, the public transport company, is the capital’s special tourist-cultural card that allows tourists to access a variety of discounts and services that make it easier and cheaper to enjoy the beauty of Rome. 3 Day Tourist Pass (BTI) The three-day tourist pass (BTI) gives visitors unlimited use of the public transportation from the moment it is first validated and for the following two days. Answer 1 of 2: Hi Trip advisor had an ad for the Rome City Pass on was wondering if anyone tried it out and whether it was a good deal or not. Us outside St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. However, there are a few flaws. The Rome City Pass with public transport includes your public transport ticket for Rome and can be used immediately. If you only want to see the sites in Rome, the Roma Pass is great. For more about our advertising policies, read our. California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Policy, St. John in the Lateran and Cloister (Located in Rome), 3 Day Vatican and Rome Pass (Adult): €113.00, 3 Day Vatican and Rome Pass (Child): €80.00, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill (one-day): €12.00, St. Peter’s Basilica: Free (Audio Guide €19.50), St. Paul’s Basilica Outside the Walls: €4.00. Club Thrifty and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. The City Pass comes in two varieties, and offers cheaper options for young travelers ages 5 to 18. However, once you use all of those, you still get discounted pricing at about 30 different sites. Even in November, lines to the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill and Vatican Museums were hours long. Les réservations seront faites automatiquement et vous recevrez des confirmations par mail. Aperitivo à Rome : nos adresses pour bien démarrer la soirée ! Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée. Roma Pass : Visitez Rome plus facilement ! Posted by Greg Johnson | Mar 28, 2020 | Updated On Nov 16, 2020 | Sightseeing Passes | 53. Bonjour à tous, En faisant des recherches pour l'organisation de mon voyage de 8 jours à Rome, je suis tombée sur un site offrant la possibilité d'avoir un Rome City pass, qui propose des tarifs et des prestations vraiment plus avantageux que le Roma Pass ou la carte Omnia. Since the Roma Pass didn’t offer any special discounts to Vatican properties, we continued our search for a pass that did. Rome City Pass Turbopass Avis Ce site utilise des cookies pour amèliorer votre expèrience. Seriously, I can’t stress this enough: Get the card if only for the Fast Track Entry! The ticket guarantees use of the public transport in the city centre and also to Ostia by the sea. The Rome City Pass allows you to visit them on a discount. Vous devez simplement m'indiquer ci-dessous à quelle adresse email vous voulez le recevoir. With this combo pass, you have the full Roma Pass at your disposal. Pour les plus pressés d’entre vous: Si vous comptez visiter le Colisée et la basilique Saint-Pierre, alors le Rome city pass permet de faire des économies et de gagner un temps fou (sert de coupe-file) ! Should you click on these links, we may be compensated. Learn more here. I’d recommend booking early in the morning to avoid the heat, reduce the chances of waiting for others to clear out, and be able to visit the Roman Forum afterwards. Visit the Palatin, the legendary founding site of Rome, or the Roman Forum (if booked and available with Colossseum), which at the time of antiquity was the center of the social life of the Romans. Check off the must-sees of Rome and Vatican City with this all-in-one pass that can be used over two days. Additionally, you gain “Fast Track Entry” to the busiest sites, which could literally save you hours of standing in line. Allowing you to visit the sights at your own pace, the prebooked sightseeing voucher includes skip-the-line access to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, and the papal tombs. Rome wasn't built in a day, but if you plan to see it in three, you might want to consider getting a city pass. Description. If you haven’t reserved your time at St. Peter’s or the Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel, don’t plan on visiting the Vatican sites on your first day in town. Auteur d’autres « Bonjour » pour: – visiter Porto – visiter Lisbonne, Copyright © 2020 Have a wonderful trip to Rome, and please let us know if you have any questions. Report inappropriate content . Ensuite, vous n’avez même pas besoin d’imprimer ce billet. I’m talking at least a 2-hour wait (or more) just to get in, and that is considered off-peak season. Rome. Just swipe your card, and you’re on. Also, keep in mind that the Colosseum only allows about 3,000 people in the building at once. Go Oahu Pass Review 2020: Should You Get It? Just head to one of these Vatican City or Rome locations: Again, if you haven’t made reservations for St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, and the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel, I’d suggest picking your passes up at the office inside St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. That way, you’ll have more slots to choose from. In addition to the traditional three-day Roma Pass, there is now a 48-hour Roma Pass: The 72 hours Roma Pass currently costs €38.5 (Sept 2016). The Rome Tourist Card is a great option for those who wish to enjoy all of Rome's highlights, without the inconvenience of booking several tickets and having to collect the card. The pricing structure of the Rome City Pass is mostly done based on the duration of the Pass and the age of the Pass holders. Rendre incroyable et inoubliable votre séjour à Rome ! It is not the responsibility of our advertisers or this website to ensure that all comments and/or questions are answered. Note: Both types of Roma City Pass include the free airport transfer. Prices of The Rome City Pass. (If you walk into the circle, you’ve gone too far.). If you’re searching for a sightseeing pass that offers everything you need in Rome, the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card is it. Dublin Pass Review 2020: Is The Dublin Pass Worth It? >> Réservez votre Rome City Pass et découvrez les informations pratiques >>. In this Roma Pass review, we’ll explore how the pass works, what it includes, and how to see the sites in Vatican City, as well. Week pass (CIS) Identical to the BTI card, but valid for seven days instead of three. et profiter d’une visite guidée grâce à l’audioguide fourni. Hop on a bus or train to quickly get where you want to go. Ordering your OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card is easy. If you select the later, visit the office in St. Peter’s Square to schedule a time on your first day in town. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time at these locations because you’re only allowed one entry per site with the pass. En lisant nos contenus, vous acceptez l'utilisation des cookies Pour en savoir plus et changer votre configuration de cookies, veuillez Voir notre politique concernant les cookies. Wendy. Découvrez le meilleur de Rome avec un guide qui parle parfaitement français en cliquant ici. Activate Your Pass in the Morning – The Roma Pass is a three-day consecutive pass, so it expires three days after your first use. Où manger ? It looked like a great pass on its own, but there was one major problem. Pratique, si vous voulez prévoir votre voyage de A à Z. Il existe 6 tarifs pour ce Rome City Pass, qui peuvent contenir ou non les accès aux Musées du Vatican et à la chapelle Sixtine. Néanmoins, un pass est primordial pour le Vatican car les files d’attente sont les plus longues de Rome. The tour also includes a free audio guide. Il y a plus d’attente pour la chapelle Sixtine que pour la visite du Colisée par exemple … Use over 60 days. Unfortunately we did so paying a lot of money for 3 day passes. You’ll get Fast Pass Entry to all the most popular (and busiest) places saving you time and money. (Current as of March, 2020): Let’s compare that to regular entry at some popular locations: Entry fees to these attractions alone would cost you between €100.00-€112.00. Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by this website or our advertisers. D’ailleurs, ce guide audio sera également disponible pour la visite du Panthéon ! It’s steeped in ancient history, full of awe-inspiring beauty, and brimming with an energy like no place I’ve ever been. 25+ Attractions to choose from. The OMNIA Vatican & Rome card is a sightseeing package which gives holders free entry to top attractions in the city as well as Fast Track Entry – saving over 4 hours! So, unless you need to know every last minute detail about the Sistine Chapel (or you enjoy being herded through the Gallery of Maps like cattle), I would definitely recommend the Vatican Card instead. Your time in Rome is precious. Travel. Finally, Rome is full of exceptional history and stories, and I think some of those are best told through an actual tour guide. Quelque soit la durée de votre séjour, je vous invite à télécharger mon guide spécial Rome. (The Colosseum and the Forum/Palatine Hill are one entry if you visit both on the same day, separate tickets if you enter on separate days.) Like the Roma Pass portion, the OMNIA Card is also good for 3 days once activated. So, why get just the Roma Pass when you can have it all with the Vatican and Rome Card? At this point, we’ve visited Rome multiple times throughout the year (spring, summer, and fall). (FYI, the Forum is my favorite place to visit in all of Europe.) With the Vatican and Rome Pass, you’ve already saved money on entry to these attractions alone. Visit Colosseum & Forum on Same Day – Admission to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum/Palatine Hill is counted as one entry if you visit them both on the same day. So, if you’re looking for the best sightseeing pass in Rome, I’d go with the Rome & Vatican Pass instead. Ce pass est intéressant pour les visiteurs qui ne veulent pas perdre trop de temps à l’entrée des monuments principaux et pour ceux qui prévoit de visiter plusieurs musées et/ou de participer à des activités. Roma Pass Review 2020: Is It a Good Deal for Saving Money in Rome? Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour – Make your way around Rome and Vatican City using the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. Don’t activate it late in the day, even on public transportation. Rome passes include a travelcard for public transport, so you needn't worry about lining up for tickets or trying to purchase them with your phrasebook Italian! LifePoints Review: Is Taking Surveys for Money Worth Your Time?

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